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It’s a practical decision of two people in love, where she feels freedom in spiritual commitment, “I value and want my independence and freedom most of all.

Grid connect systems enable you to reduce your electricity costs during daylight hours.

The NESP Ground Mount Frame System has been engineered to accept modules from 6 major manufacturers.

It is made from galvanised steel, engineered for AS 1170.2 and is easily adjustable from 5 degree to 45 degree lift angles, to optimise output.

New England Solar Power has over 15 years experience in design, installation and maintenance of off-grid solar systems.

Ever since I met and knew them they are like a married couple in every sense but they aren't married. “I come from a family where people get married, my two sisters are married, have families, my parents are married and together forever.

He’s indifferent either way and she’s sure she’s happy this way and doesn't require the ‘stamp of marriage’ on their anyway cemented relationship. I however was in search for myself and being with Vinod helped me realize myself.

who is spoilt for choice, and does not need physical or emotional companionship and cosseting from only just a wife and could do with choice.

The technological age of BBM dating, chats late into the night and college girls on the look out for someone to pay the bills for designer handbags give him many options.

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