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Rono reunite in this horror flick which tackles the ancient Chine tradition of ghost marriages.

In a ghost marriage, one or two of the people being betrothed are deceased.

The country's film industry is starting to pick up the pace.

Production has started to increase since last year and industry insiders are projecting that the trend will continue this 2017.

Anyway, below is an overview of the major productions that have been or will be released this year: Sakaling Hindi Makarating - Wanderlust, mending a broken heart, and finding happiness are the main themes of this beautifully-shot film by Ice Idanan.

The movie is a breath of fresh air amidst the formulaic fare that has plagued Philippine cinema for too long.

It refuses to connect the loose threads and the dominant themes, foregoing complexity for easy thrills and tensions that never even materialized." Pwera Usog - Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, Pwera Usog takes as its driving subject a common Filipino superstition (the pwera usog).

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Directed by Ed Lejano, the movie explores the romantic aspirations of a ragtag group of people.Size Matters - A romantic comedy based on a story of the same title that was originally published on Wattpad, Size Matters tells the story of a woman and a man who have different ideas with regards to their anticipated first time in bed.The woman wants someone with a big package but the man she ends up bedding has a package that's much smaller than the average size.The cast for the movie adaptation also includes Krystal Brimner, Simon Pineda, Gina Pareno, and Sarah Lahbati. The one who will provide her a life full of adventure and excitement?Dear Other Self - In this romantic drama which follows a love triangle angle, Jodi Sta. Or should she choose the one who can offer her financial stability and security?

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