Dating a younger woman askmen

Others have done it all their lives and are now looking for more security from a man who has a good job.These days with housing and living costs so high, it’s nice to know that the man you’re dating has either a good job or has some financial resources to fall back on if the relationship progresses and especially if you decide to get married.It will be up to you to decide which is acceptable to you.Some women don’t mind helping their man financially.Blaine Barrington, Dating and Relationship Coach When it comes to dating advice for women, one of the first questions many women ask is what questions should I ask?

After all, if things were to progress, you would eventually meet his family.

Back in olden times, fair maidens waited for chivalrous men to ask them out and this was called "romance." (Which might sound awesome to some people, but seems kinda one-sided.) Today, dating is much more of an even playing field—and both men and women are totally down with that.

According to a new survey from, of 5,000 single men and women, 65 percent of guys have been asked out by a gal and 91 percent of men are super cool with a woman making the first move.

And then he says that in five year’s time he expects to be promoted to a higher position or move on to another job.

Instead of these “interview” type of questions, ask another type of question.

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