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Duke Robert issued no ducal charter for the cathedral of Avranches throughout his entire reign (his name appears alongside that of the bishop in only one transaction)34, and even under the more organised governorship of William Rufus, the cathedral and bishop (with one exception) are conspicuous by their absence from the corpus of extant royal charters35.Frank Barlow included Turgis among a group of “courtiers” who accompanied Rufus back to England in 1097 after his successful acquisition of Normandy the year before, yet any such intimacy was apparently short lived, since the bishop is never again found in the presence of the king36.

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The provision of training courses at the DEEDS Project was started in order to support the Research project financially and with the additional resources of a full-time Database Administrator, a full-time programmer and computing infrastructure.At the beginning of the nineteenth century the city suffered another blow when the remaining ruins of the cathedral, which had fallen into disuse during the preceding decades, collapsed and were removed.It is possible to substitute this great loss through various drawings and plans of the cathedral8, as well as the findings of excavations carried out in the 1970s, but the architectural history of the cathedral remains woefully incomplete9.Whether Turgis had any previous ecclesiastical experience before ascending to the see is also unclear. Elsewhere, Orderic Vitalis mentions a Turgis who was chanter of Lisieux in 1077, but it seems unlikely that this is our bishop.Not only does the monk of Saint-Évroult fail to identify him as a future bishop, but also Turgis the chanter seems to have died sometime before 111331.

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