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Other causes of epilepsy include stroke, infection and genetic susceptibility. et al., Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Mc Graw-Hill, 14 Edition (1998), page 2321.Antiepileptic drug therapy is the mainstay of treatment for most patients with epilepsy and a variety of drugs have been used. Twenty percent of patients with epilepsy are resistant to drug therapy despite efforts to find an effective combination of antiepileptic drugs. Video-EEC monitoring can be used to define the anatomic location of the seizure focus and to correlate the abnormal electrophysiologic activity with behavioral manifestations of the seizure.The prevalence of epilepsy has been estimated at 5 to 10 people per 1000 population.Severe, penetrating head trauma is associated with up to a 50% risk of leading to epilepsy.Routine scalp or scalp-sphenoidal recordings are usually sufficient for localization.A high resolution MRI scan is routinely used to identify structural lesions.Tetracaine, epinephrine [adrenalin], and cocaine [TAC] versus lidocaine, epinephrine, and tetracaine [LET] for anesthesia of lacerations in children. The use of this formulation can reduce patient exposure to cocaine and can reduce costs and security risks for the institution.

Neuropsychiatric disorders and/or a neurological disorders, including a thalamically mediated disorder can be treated by peripheral administration...The medicament of claim 16 wherein the trigeminal sensory nerve is selected from the group consisting of an ophthalmic nerve, maxillary nerve, mandibular nerve, supra orbital nerve, supra trochlear nerve, infraorbital nerve, lacrimal nerve, nasociliary nerve, superior alveolar nerve, buccal nerve, lingual nerve, inferior alveolar nerve, mental nerve and an auriculotemporal nerve.19.The medicament of claim 18 wherein the chronic pain is selected from the group consisting of central sensitization chronic pain, central post stroke pain, regional pain, phantom limb pain, and demyelinating disease pain.20.A medicament for preventing development of a neuropsychiatric disorder, the medicament comprising a botulinum toxin for administering to or to the vicinity of a trigeminal sensory nerve of the patient with a propensity to develop a neuropsychiatric disorder, thereby preventing development of the neuropsychiatric disorder.34.A medicament for treating a neuropsychiatric disorder, the medicament comprising a botulinum toxin type A for administering in an effective amount to a trigeminal sensory nerve to treat a neuropsychiatric disorder.

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