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The program has an easy to use interface that allows you to view the detected tracks and the playback statistics.If you use the i Pod to play audiobooks, you can mark them on the list in order to enable the bookmarking feature.Floola: I wondered: was one guy ripping off the other? And Floola appears to have become the winner, though Yamipod was much more popular.I mean, ripping off the source code in such a way that the error messages in both have the same mispellings and typoes? But people kill for less online, and neither guy was complaining about the other in forums or blogs. Turns out both sites are linked to the same guy, Tomas Camin (P. Yamipod hasn’t been updated in a while, but Floola is keeping up with i Tunes releases. or were, until Tomas started giving all the love to Floola.The goal of the app is to scan the content of your storage device and to rebuild the database used by the i Pod to play the tracks.This allows the player to find the added files and to play them without any problems.On my i Pod, I have Floola and Sharepod, and have removed the rest.

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The program allows your player to access the audio files transferred to the audio player without using the i Tunes application.The interface is self-explanatory but it is recommended to check the documentation from the developer's website before using the app for the first time.The resources required by the program are insignificant.The strange thing was that Yamipod and Floola always had releases near each other, looked like each other, and had the same bugs and error messages.Yet the sites were slightly different, and the forums for each never mentioned the other.

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