Sanguine and phlegmatic dating

I ripped his thick shirt off his back and started slapping him.

All these occasions were flying through my mind when I'd been on my own struggling with the children and he'd been claiming to be working late but had obviously been with her.

I can see how his resentment started to build and he wanted to have revenge on me in some sort of way.' This was two years ago and, while Alison still has bad days, they've largely disappeared.

'You read cheesy stuff about affairs ultimately making you stronger.

Still, for all their kick-him-out convictions, many women find that zero tolerance is fine in theory but difficult to practise, according to Julia Cole, a Relate counsellor and the author of After the Affair.

'People always say, "If my husband did that to me that would be the end." But it's not so simple when it actually happens to you.

'You can't just switch off your love for someone as if you're turning off a switch.In turn, Alison admitted that there were times when she could have been more supportive. 'I'm quite an arrogant person and I find it hard to believe that anything I do is wrong.I'd been so busy being perfect, I'd always been putting Jed down.My knees turned to jelly, I felt as if I'd been punched in the stomach and I couldn't stop shaking.' Petite and well spoken, Alison, a television producer from east London, woke Jed by whacking him around the head with his phone.'I went absolutely nuts; I thought I was going to kill him.

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