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Healing and liberation certify the presence of the realm of heaven.Both Jesus' own mission and that of the Twelve bring not only proclamation but also healing.It invites its audience to see the church in the story of the disciples.Here the disciples imitate Jesus, who not only proclaims the realm of heaven but demonstrates its nature.Another path is to explain it away, boiling down healing and exorcism to a common denominator: people got better.It once was commonplace to say that ancient persons frequently attributed the inexplicable to the demonic realm, particularly mental illnesses and neurological disorders. Even those of us who cannot get our imaginations around real demons tormenting poor individuals can relate to what it means to be bound by a power one feels powerless to resist.Matthew's Gospel requires that proclamation first extend to Israel before it may move along to the nations.Both Matthew's inaugural description of Jesus' ministry (-25) and our present account locate Jesus in the synagogues, while Jesus sends the Twelve only to Israel.

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One path is simply to skip over this detail, as modern congregations find it either baffling or irrelevant.

God's realm departs from Jesus' own people, or at least their authorities, given to a people who will produce its fruit ().

Even this dangerous saying returns us to the heart of the matter.

Whether with Jesus or commissioned by Jesus, the authentic proclamation of God's realm is marked by healing and liberation.

This is precisely Jesus' reply when John the Baptist inquires, "Are you the one who is coming, or should we wait for another?

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