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It cuts to American troops ''meeting the threat, going in harm's way.'' The narrator then asserts that Mr.Gantt wants massive cuts in military spending, but ''Senator Helms says, 'No, we can't take that risk.' '' The Gantt advertising has tried to present Mr.

Helms and his advisers have been masters of the rough politics of values, the technique of defining an opponent as out of the mainstream - a technique applied at the Presidential level by George Bush in 1988 against his Democratic oppponent, Gov. Helms labeled ''North Carolina Values'' and a photograph of Mr.

But Jesse Helms wants Government to dictate what they do. Harvey Gantt for Senator because the truth really matters.'' Producer: Sawyer/Miller Group ASSESSMENT: The Helms campaign is trying to make Harvey Gantt seem out of step with North Carolina values. He says he supports existing law in North Carolina, which permits abortion for the first 20 weeks of a pregnancy regardless of the reason.

ASSESSMENT: The Gantt campaign is trying to make Mr. This commercial also tries to raise a general credibility question about the Helms advertising. Helms, one of the staunchest opponents of legalized abortion in Congress, supports the outlawing of abortion with one exception: when the life of the pregnant woman is endangered. (Photographs by Associated Press); Harvey Gantt in a television comercial.

Kennedy, ''liberal reporters,'' the Soviets and the Rev. ''Jesse Jackson's supporting Harvey Gantt, and it's not racist for us to point that out,'' he said.

''We've pointed out that a lot of people are supporting Harvey Gantt -NOW, the gay task force, liberals like Ted Kennedy. It has to do with philosophy.'' THE 1990 CAMPAIGN North Carolina Candidates on Abortion Scripts and photographs of television commercials from the Senate race.

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