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We three students appear in the film in white lab coats acting like Robot Scientists!!See more » The background of the film is the American-Japonese business competition in L. where a cop (Wesley Snipes) accused by corruption teams up with old man (Sean Connery) , expert on Japanese world .

This made shooting in the hot july sun of the San Fernando Valley a real nightmare, with transputers crashing in the heat, stuck gyros, and hydraulic leaks.

However , the complicated script contains some flaws and gaps , originating fails on credibility but gets its nice moments here and there .

Based on controversial novel by Michael Crichton , it is adapted by Philip Kaufman and Crichton, blending business, Japanese customs, high technology and international politics, turning out some confusing and silly .

A human with a joystick tells the robot what direction to go, and the control algorithms (which are the real subject of Leg Lab research) maintain speed, direction, and balance.

However, the robots aren't designed for special effects.

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