Who is al b sure dating

I am grateful for my mom's love, support, guidance, and for her strength." Al B.

Sure is set to drop his new album, "Honey, I'm Home," (Hidden Beach Recordings) on Tuesday, June 23.

Look - It’s like shopping - If the boutique you are used to has run out of inventory -- go to the department store where there’s a huge variety of delicious tems!

One of the most influential romantic singers of the "new jack swing era, 1985-1995", AIB Sure names comes in the list of the genre proponents including Janet Jackson, Heavy D.

Please share with us how your family’s story is woven with civil rights and racial integration.

In 1949, in the heat of the Jim Crow era, my grandparents, Dr.

He is a good example of the term "tall, dark and handsome".

Maurice Love Watts and Garnelle Smith Watts, a Raleigh dentist and school teacher, were among ten courageous black families who founded Ocean City - the first black beachfront resort community in North Carolina.

Establishing this black community on Topsail Island was a huge step in integration and was met with much opposition.

But blacks, and even some white families, stood together and fought for their civil rights to have that community for their children, grandchildren, and America’s future.

My parents dated on that beach, I have diapers washed away from that shore.

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