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At the end of the day it’s very obvious who’s in charge, it’s Ashley of course (still laughing)!I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve seen and heard almost everything.I say, “Cool let’s do it.” And we had a formal family negotiation because Ashley was also against it.Four months later my wife and I proceeded to tell our children that we were doing the TV show.Lots of people want it just for the next paycheck but I want it every single morning because it is still so exciting to me. Amy had worked for me in the past and Seth thought that I had made a mistake by bringing her back but I know that I didn’t make a mistake and she’s doing wonderfully. She left us about a year ago, I mean she left us high and dry.

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Mr Blair’s latest recruitment of two experienced mining executives – one the chief executive of a gold mining company and the other an adviser to Rio Tinto, one of the world largest mining conglomerates – casts a further light on his enterprises.Within the next twenty shows you’re going to see things that you won’t believe could happen in a pawn shop- security camera footage and all. My employees and I go to a restaurant and watch Hardcore Pawn every Tuesday.I live it every day but it’s still exciting to watch it onscreen. Make sure that your family is the most important thing in your life and make sure that business comes second.Even though I go through hell with them, it’s a wonderful experience.I’ve built a pretty good store and a pretty good foundation for them and hopefully they’ll follow in my footsteps and keep it going for as long as they possibly can.

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